Foundation CMG Research Chairs

Foundation CMG

Dr. Chalaturnyk is a research chair endowed through Foundation CMG.  Foundation CMG's mission statement is: Promote and Fund Professors and Grad Students with Learning and Research in Areas of Computer Numerical Modelling and Visualization of Oil and Gas Recovery Processes, Reservoirs and Related Topics with Collaboration & Technology Transfer with Industry.

Additional support is received from government agencies at provincial and federal levels as well as from private industry and a diverse collaborative network with other chairs and research groups.  
Industry Partners
Research generated from within the Foundation CMG Research Program in Reservoir Geomechanics for Unconventional Resources is further complemented with our involvement with other related Research Projects, National, and International Programs.
Collaborations & Other Research Projects
Additional funding for students whose work enhances our knowledge base of geotechnical engineering but does not fall immediately under the scope of this program are funded through professional testing services.