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Amir H.
PhD student
MSc, BSc

Amir H. Haghi is a Research Assistant and Ph.D. student in the Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group (RG2), at the University of Alberta. His educational background was petroleum reservoir engineering and Geomechanics. His ongoing research mainly focuses on geomechanical control on fluid flow in naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs. Stress-dependent dynamic and static rock parameters, spontaneous imbibition and oil recovery are the main subjects that are going to investigate in his research jointly with Dr. Geiger from Herriot Watt University in the UK. He has authored or coauthored more than 20 refereed journal and conference papers. Before coming to Edmonton, Amir had over 9 years of extensive and wide-ranging experience in reservoir engineering and Geomechanics. As a senior reservoir engineer at National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), Amir was in charge of reservoir management and development of several giant oil and gas fields located at SW of Iran. He used to be involved in the Reservoir Geomechanics workgroup at NISOC to officially handle, supervise and develop geomechanical projects. Amir has been honored as the “Top Researcher of the year 2014” by the R&D of NIOC and his book entitled “Reservoir In-situ Stress and Geomechanics” has been published as the first book related to petroleum Geomechanics in Farsi. Additionally, Amir as an active member of SPE, EAGE, IRPGA, and GEOQUS has been extensively involved in serving voluntarily the international scientific symposiums and projects including 2018 SPE North America Student Symposium and World Stress Map Project.



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