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PhD Student


· Ph.D., Geotechnical Engineering (2014-Present ), University of Alberta

· M.Eng., Geological Engineering (2011-2014), China University of Petroleum(Beijing)

· B.Eng., Exploration Technology and Engineering (Logging) (2007-2011), Yangtze University

Chuan Lu joined the research team as a PhD student in September 2014. He completed his Master of Engineering from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) conducting research on tight sandstones reservoir logging evaluation methods. This project obtained the Second-class Award of Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield Company. He was provided a great opportunity in his undergraduate program to identify heavy oil reservoir in Jimusaer Ditch East Slope Indus Group. Within the IRC, he will develop specialized experimental protocols to conduct seismic frequency dynamic property measurements at elevated temperatures. By using the data obtained at seismic frequencies, Chuan will develop and validate an effective rock physics model which will benefit the understanding of the time lapse response. Production monitoring will also be developed by integrating the analysis of time-lapse seismic surveys with reservoir simulation.