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Kevin Hodder is a Post Doctoral Fellow originally from Edmonton, Alberta. He completed his PhD in November 2017. He completed his BSc with distinction in Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta within the co-op program and a speciliazation in nano materials. After graduation he worked at Packers Plus, an oil and gas completions company, for two years before continuing his academic career through a PhD under Dr. John Nychka. 

Kevin is a receipient of multiple scholarships including several Dean's Research Awards and an NSERC USRA, as well as completing his first journal article before completing his BSc in Materials Engineering. 


Journal articles:

Hodder, K.J., Nychka, J.A. and McDonald, A.G. (2014) Comparison of 10 µm and 20 nm Al-Al2O3 metal matrix composite coatings fabricated by low pressure cold gas dynamic spraying. Journal of Thermal Spray Technology. 23(5): 839 - 848. Submitted on September 22, 2013 and accepted on March 4, 2014. 

Hodder, K.J., Izadi, H., McDonald A.G. and Gerlich A.P. (2012) Fabrication of aluminum-alumina metal matrix composites via cold gas dynamic spraying at low pressure followed by friction stir processing. Materials Science and Engineering: A. 556: 114- 121. Submitted on March 25, 2012 and accepted on June 18, 2012. 


Other refereed contributions:

Hodder, K.J., Gerlich, A.P., Villafuerte, J. and McDonald, A.G., "Fabrication of Aluminum-Alumina Metal Matrix Composite Coatings via Cold-Gas Dynamic Spraying at Low Pressure followed by Friction-Stir Processing", in: Marple, B., Hyland, M., Lima, R. and McDonald, A.G. (Eds)., International Thermal Spray Conference, May 21 - 24, 2012 (Houston, TX), ASM International, (2012), 6 pages on compact disk.

Hodder, K.J., McDonald A.G. and Gerlich A.P., "The Effect of Tool Rotation Speed on Friction Stir Processing of Cold-Sprayed Aluminum-Alumina Metal Matrix Composite Coatings", North American Cold Spray Conference, October 25 - 27, 2011 (Windsor, ON). Second place in Undergraduate competition. 

Hodder, K.J. and Gerlich A.P., "Comparing Stiffness and Internal Friction of CNT and SiO2 in Aluminum using Accumulative Roll Bonding Processes", Dean's Research Award, University of Alberta, 2011.