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PhD Student

Lang finished his MSc degree in RG2 at the University of Alberta in 2015. He's been working on the development of Reservoir Geomechanics Pressuremeter (RGP) testing for a better anisotropic stress measurement in overconsolidated clayey formation. His research interest is in the in-situ testing and evaluation of the regional stress field. He likes programming, running and traveling.


Determination of the permeability of overconsolidated clay from pressuremeter pressure hold test. 69th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, 2016. Vancouver, Canada.

Inversion of Geomechanical Parameters in Boom Clay by Data Matching SBPT with A Stress-Fluid Coupled Simulation. SIMULIA User Meeting, 2014. Houston, USA.

An  Experimental and  Numerical  Investigation on the  Deformation of  Overlying  Coal  Seams above Double-Seam  Extraction for  Controlling  Coal  Mine  Methane  Emissions.  International Journal of Coal Geology, 87 (2011) 139-149.

A  Comprehensive  Hazard  Evaluation  System  for  Spontaneous  Combustion  of  Coal  in 
Underground Mining. International Journal of Coal Geology, 82 (2010) 27-36.