Post Docs

Our funded research positions are curently full.  Students holding major scholarships, e.g. NSERC or other national scholarships, are urged to apply at any time, and should indicate this in their communication.

Project 1.5 High Temperature Seismic Frequency Dynamic Properties A PDF with rock physics background will coordinate the laboratory testing and assist with the research and supervision of the PhD student. 

Project 2.4Physical Modeling for Verification of Discrete Fracture Networks  —The PDF hired within the program to work on centrifuge testing will work with the PhD student on the construction of the 3D fracture network and DFN numerical analyses.  The PDF will work closely with the Centrifuge Facility Manager.  An undergraduate student will be engaged in this project to assist with the PhD research efforts.

—Project 3.1Adaptive Continuum/Discontinuum Modeling  A PDF with a strong analytical and numerical modelling background will be engaged in the program and will collaborate with all of the researchers involved in this project. 

If you would like more information on how to apply to the University of Alberta please contact Hope Walls.