Dr. Rick chimes in on Carbon Capture and Storage


"Technologies like wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles are all very promising, and could make up a larger share of the world’s energy system by mid-century. However, it will take time to adapt our existing infrastructure to their use. If we hope to slow or halt global warming, we must also focus on solutions that can be implemented on a large scale today, particularly on everyday industrial processes like power generation and steel production — solutions like carbon capture and storage (CCS).

With CCS, carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere is extracted from the process that creates it, diverted into pipelines, and then placed in long-term storage sites located underground in existing geological formations. And, in many cases, CCS technology can be added to existing facilities like refineries and power plants, immediately reducing their emissions by up to 90 percent.

“It can remove CO2 now without impacting how we generate power,” explains Dr. Rick Chalaturnyk of the University of Alberta. “You can even put it on the back end of a coal-fired generating plant.”"

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