The Geomechanical Reservoir Testing Facility is located at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Our lab features the following equipment:

Instrom HPT-3X-400
High temperature triaxial system with electromechanical actuator of 400kN capacity.  
Beam Centrifuge
2m radius platform 50 g-ton beam centrifuge.
Multiple Syringe Pump Systems
Pictured: High flow, large volume dual cylinder syringe pumps for multiphase flow applications.
Automatic Fluid Sample System
High pressure automatic fluid sample system with pneumatic drive unit.
High Pressure and Temperature Triaxial Cells
Triaxial cell systems operate up to 10,000 psi and 250°C.
Advance Multiphase Triaxial System
Triaxial system with advance temperature control environmental chamber for multiphase applications.
Cement Systems
Pictured: High pressure and temperature curing chamber for cement samples.
Physical Modelling of SAGD system
Pictured: Steam and production unit.
Instrom HPT-3X-600
High temperature triaxial system with hydraulic actuator of 600kN capacity.
Direct shear testing system for rocks with hydraulic actuator of 100kN capacity.
FTT System
Fluid Transportation Test Station with temperature control system and geophysical measurement system.
ExOne 3D printer
Additive Manufacturing with granular geomaterials using layered deposition and high resolution binder jetting.