Welcome to the Foundation CMG Research Program in Reservoir Geomechanics for Unconventional Resources.  

Our research on resource recovery in unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs focuses on reservoir geomechanical behavior and its impact on resource recovery, operational risk, and the utilization of geological formations for the geological storage of CO2. The research program encompasses four main unconventional reservoir types (oil sands, shale, coal and carbonates) using field studies, in situ measurement, computer modelling, and experimental models.  The staff and students in our Reservoir Geomechanical Research Group, referred to as [RG]2, work in partnership with both public organizations and private industry to conduct cutting-edge research and provide unique technical services.  Our state-of-the-art facility, The Geomechanical Reservoir Engineering Facility (GeoREF) is located at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and consists of two specialized areas, the experimental laboratory and the centrifuge facility. 

We welcome you to explore this site to discover more about our facility, research objectives and opportunities, and our partners.