Dr. Rick chimes in on Carbon Capture and Storage


"Technologies like wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles are all very promising, and could make up a larger share of the world’s energy system by mid-century. However, it will take time to adapt our existing infrastructure to their use. If we hope to slow or halt global warming, we must also focus on solutions that can be implemented on a large scale today, particularly on everyday industrial processes like power generation and steel production — solutions like carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Chalaturnyk talks the good, the bad, and the ugly about 3D Printing

In November of 2015, Dr. Chalaturnyk was invited to particpate in a Lunch and Learn session in Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Chalaturnyk weighs in on fracking

On May 1st, 2014, the Council of Canadian Academies (the Council) released a much-anticipated report commissioned by former Energy Minister Peter Kent to address increasing concerns regarding the matter of public safety in regards to unconventional resource recovery, particularly groundwater contamination and wastewater safety. 

The Council is an arm's-length not-for-profit organization that supports independent, authoritative, and evidence-based expert assessments that inform public policy development in Canada.   The report was commissioned to answer this question: 

GeoREF featured in International Innovation

There wouldn't be enough characters in a tweet to hashtag all the buzzwords in the oil industry that relate to research conducted at GeoREF, including climate change, unconventional resource recovery, caprock integrity, carbon capture and storage, hydraulic and thermal fracturing, and risk management.  An in-depth feature interview with Dr. Rick Chalaturnyk, the Foundation CMG Chair in Reservoir Geomechanics, was featured in International Innovation (February 2014) and takes readers on a brief tour of the research, the facility, the people and partners, and the program's objectives.